Corvette Auto Detail

This Corvette received our Stage 2 Paint Correction, Wheels-off coating, and Opti-Coat Pro+ treatment.

We started with a decontamination wash and clay bar treatment to get a smooth squeaky clean surface. We then compounded to remove scratches and deep swirls and finished with a fine polish to perfect the finish and maximize the gloss. We removed the wheels to coat front and back with Opti-Coat Pro, and while we had the wheels off we cleaned the supension components and coated the brake calipers as well. After prepping the paint we applied Opti-Coat Pro+, a 2 part system that protects the vehicle from environmental damage and leaves you with a super hydrophobic finish that keeps it cleaner longer and makes it much easier to clean. With this coating the client will never have to worry about waxing again and will have a shiny car after every wash for years.