Opti-Coat Pricing

Opti-Coat packages are based on new vehicle condition. Please contact us for a consultation to get exact pricing.


Opti-Coat Pro+ New Car Package

This package is tailored for new vehicles and vehicles in otherwise great condition. It comes with a 7 year warranty covering stains from bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings; and prevents fading and oxidation. Your vehicle will look new for years without the need for waxing.

Package Includes:

Comprehensive Car Detail:

  • Gentle exterior wash
  • Clay bar and chemical decontamination
  • High pressure wheel cleaning and decontamination
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires dressed

Special inclusions:

  • Stage 1 paint enhancement polish
  • All paintwork coated with Opti-Coat Pro+ ceramic coating
  • Wheel faces coated with Opti Coat Pro ceramic coating


  • Coupe: $1199
  • Sedan: $1299
  • Wagon: $1349
  • Crossover SUV: $1399
  • Standard Cab Pickup: $1399
  • Extended Cab Pickup: $1499
  • Small SUV: $1499
  • Large SUV: $1599
  • Crew Cab Pickup: $1599
  • Van/Other: Call for pricing

Opti-Guard Interior Leather & Fabric

This package is tailored for new vehicles. Light colored interiors can be prone to staining, and dark colors are likely to fade over time. Opti-Guard protects from this, and makes cleaning and detailing the interior much easier. Opti-Guard Leather and Fabric comes with a 5 year warranty.

Package Includes:

  • Light vacuum & interior wipe down
  • Carpets & mats coated
  • Seats & center console coated
  • Door panels coated
  • Dash & steering wheel coated


  • 2-5 seater: $599
  • 6-9 seater: $699
  • Limo/Van: Starting at $999

Opti-Coat Motorcycle Protection Package

Everyone who owns a motorcycle knows the pain of attempting to clean it to showroom condition. With Opti-Coat washing becomes more enjoyable. Not only does it protect against stains from bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, fading and oxidation; it makes the new bike look achievable again. With the help of Optimum Power Clean bugs will dissolve and wipe away. Our motorcycle protection package comes with a 5 year warranty.

Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive detail
  • Clay bar and chemical decontamination
  • Stage 1 gloss enhancement polish
  • Metal work hand polished
  • Painted surfaces coated with Opti-Coat Pro
  • Metal surfaces coated with Opti-Metal
  • Seat coated with Opti-Guard Leather


  • Sport Bike: $799
  • Cruiser: $999
opti coat prices .jpg

Additional Services


  • Outer surface (faces): $25 per wheel
  • Wheels off (barrel & caliper included): $75 per wheel

Exterior Glass:

  • Windshield: $50
  • All windows (coupe/sedan): $100
  • All windows (SUV): $150

Paint Correction:

  • Stage 2: Starting at $299
  • Stage 3: Starting at $599

Trim Restoration:

  • Dye (6-12 months): Starting at $49
  • Painting (permanent): Starting at $149

Headlight Restoration:

  • Express (polish): $30
  • Standard (light sanding & polish): $60
  • Premium (heavy sanding & polish): $100

Rock Chip Touch-Up:

  • Clean & Fill: Starting at $49
  • Blending: Starting at $99

Water Spot Removal:

  • Windows: Starting at $35
  • Full Vehicle: Starting at $75