Interior Detail Pricing

We’ve dealt with mold, bio-hazard cleanup, vomit, honey, milk, coffee, and everything in between. Some jobs can be completed quickly, while others require disassembly. We have the tools, products, and experience to get it done safely and professionally. All jobs must be quoted in person for accurate pricing. Please call to schedule a consultation 503-767-3007

FTA Styling Interior Detail

Interior Detail

Package Includes:

  • Low pressure rinse and wipe down of door jambs
  • Air blown around seat brackets to loosen debris
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning of every surface using a variety of tools/brushes (let me remind you, this isn’t what you’re used to. Our goal isn’t just to make your car look clean, we want to make it like new)
  • Gloss or Matte UV Protectant
  • Windows cleaned to a streak-free shine


  • Small: Starting at $199
  • Medium: Starting at $299
  • Large: Starting at $399
FTA Styling Interior Detail Car Seat

Additional Services

Leather Seats:

  • Deep Cleaning (Heavy dirt/oil buildup) $25-100
  • Leatherique Deep Conditioning and Moisturizing $100-200
  • Opti-Guard Leather: Starting at $299
  • Leather Upholstery Repair: Starting at $199


  • Starting at $50


  • Starting at $50

Pet Hair:

  • 85% Removal: $25
  • 95% Removal: $50-75
  • 100% Removal: Starting at $100*

*Carpet replacement advised in some situations

Seat Removal:

  • Starting at $25

Shampoo Carpet:

  • Cars/Pickups: Starting at $50
  • Minivans/SUVs: Starting at $75

Shampoo Seats:

  • 1-6 seats: Starting at $50
  • 7-14 seats: Starting at $75

Trash Removal:

  • Starting at $15