Interior Detailing

Finishing Touch Auto is known statewide for providing the most in depth customized interior detailing and reconditioning available. We offer three types of services for interiors. Perfect, Personalized, and Protection.



The "Perfect Interior" is our most popular interior detail package. The first step is a consultation with our client advisor. We perform a thorough inspection of your interior documenting problem areas and building a package that encompasses every facet of your vehicle. Dirt, dust, pet hair, oily buildup, stains, sand... everything is eliminated, restoring your vehicle to factory fresh. No crack or crevice goes untouched with the "Perfect Interior", it even comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're ready for a vehicle that truly feels new again call today to schedule your consultation.

interior detailing stayton.jpg


This option is great for prepping your car for sale or just simply taking care of the coffee you spilled this morning. We ask a series of questions to determine your goals and expectations then build a package around an hourly rate. If you've got a budget we can certainly work with it, and with the many years of experience our technicians have, you can drop your vehicle off with the assurance that we'll spend the time working on the areas that need it most. Feel free to stop by our shop to build your personalized package or simply call us with your budget and we can schedule you in.



You just bought a new car, now what? Opti-Guard protection will make ownership worry free. Interior surfaces are highly susceptible to stains in their natural form. Optimum created Opti-Guard to combat this. We can install Opti-Guard on your carpet, fabric, leather, and vinyl to keep it looking new for years. Our Interior Protection package is a must for new car owners. Call or email today to learn more.