Exterior Detailing

All of our exterior detailing packages are optimized for your value. We pride ourselves in providing service second to none. Each part of our detail system is designed to maintain the beauty of your vehicle and prevent damage to the finish. We use the most advanced products and we are constantly testing new products behind the scenes to make sure you are getting the best of the best. If you have questions about any of our packages feel free to call or stop by.

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PAINT CORRECTION & Ceramic Coating

Starting at $350

Looking for a perfect or near perfect finish? Paint correction is the art of using a series of tools with a variety of compounds and polishes to remove defects from the paint. Deep scratches and swirls can be removed through this process. We have 3 stages of paint correction, and to determine which stage will be needed to achieve your desired results we need to see the vehicle and perform a test spot. Generally this takes 5-10 minutes and can be scheduled any time by calling our shop.

Exterior Detailing Stayton

Gloss Enhancement Polish & Wax

Starting at $200

This detail is optimized for daily drivers offering lots of value at an affordable price. We start with a decontamination wash removing all the built up dirt and embedded contaminants. After this we use a light polish that removes oxidation and up to 90% of swirls leaving the vehicle with that new car shine we all love. We then finish with Optimum Car Wax for several months of protection.

Exterior Detailing Salem

Clay & Wax

Starting at $125

This option is for those who want a deep clean with a glossy layer of protection. We start with a thorough hand wash. After this we clay the vehicle removing any embedded contamination (symptoms include a gritty feel even when clean and/or still looking slightly dirty even after a wash). Then we finish with wax for a glossy protective coat. This is an add-on option which must be combined with another service.

Wash and Seal Stayton

Wash & Seal

Starting at $50

The Wash & Seal is exclusively for vehicles coated with Opti-Coat or Gloss Coat. We start with a thorough wash removing all bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, and road grime. After the wash we dry the door jambs, dress the tires, and hand apply a sealant to protect the paint and boost any protection already on the vehicle.