How much for an interior detail?

This is by far the most popular question we get asked, and because of that I really wish it was an easier question to answer. Vehicles vary in many different ways; shape, size, carpet type, cloth vs leather, special compartments, etc. The biggest factor is the condition, and that’s something we’ll be discussing in this post.

First, I’ll talk about our maintenance options for interior. All exterior services include a quick vacuum and interior/exterior window cleaning, so if you get a maintenance wash regularly your interior will stay reasonably clean. The next step up from this is a $99 add-on. This add-on is optional for maintained vehicles. For $99 we thoroughly vacuum the carpet, dust dash, wipe down door panels, vacuum or wipe down seats, clean cup holders, and clean windows. This add-on is not available for heavily soiled interiors with pet hair, spilled food, and years of grime.

Our back-to-new interior detail is a complete reconditioning of all interior surfaces. We custom build this package for each vehicle to include pet hair removal, shampooing, leather conditioning, etc. We use compressed air to loosen dirt from carpet fibers and blow out dirt from under the seats. After blowing out the interior we vacuum then clean from top-to-bottom. Every crack and crevice gets cleaned with the proper tools and products and we wipe down all leather with a UV protectant when finished. Windows get rolled down before they get cleaned to a streak-free shine. This package on most vehicles ranges from $250 to $350. If the carpet is stained, cup holders are full of food, dog hair floats out when the doors open, and/or it’s been a logging truck you may be looking at a bit more. This detail can run up to $500-700 in some extreme cases. We don’t simply clean the surface so the vehicle looks clean, we deep clean and recondition so you have a vehicle that truly feels like new again.

Hopefully this helps guide you in the right direction. If you’re looking for more detailed/itemized pricing please visit Our Interior Pricing Page

We always welcome first time clients to bring your vehicle in for a consultation to get a custom estimate. Feel free to email or call to schedule.