How much for an interior detail?

The answer to this one is…

We don’t offer interior services.

We’ve found through the years that everyone absolutely loves our exterior work. Our ability to shine and protect your vehicle is second to none. So we’ve decided to put 100% of our effort into what our clients love!

Our services consist of the following:

  • Paint Correction (the removal of swirls and scratches from the paint)

  • Ceramic Pro Coatings (to protect your ride and save you time)

  • Paint Protection Film (aka clear bra, this protect from rock chips and deep scratches)

  • Llumar Window Tint (our CTX Ceramic window tint blocks IR heat, keeping you cooler)

As we add more services we will announce them on Facebook and list them on our website. You’re always welcome to call or stop by if you have any questions.


Ryan Hendricks